On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, the book launch of When Girls Don't Count: Gender and Mathematics, by Nadia Regina Loureiro de Lima, will take place. 

In the book, the author carries out an investigative analysis of the reduced presence of women in the exact sciences, particularly mathematics. Taking McGrayne's (1994) question - Why so few? as a starting point, given the small number of women who have won the Nobel Prize in Science, the author investigates this reduced presence, contextualizing the condition of women in the history of humanity, from a gender perspective. 
The book is the result of her doctoral thesis in Linguistics. The author focuses her research on the analysis of gender relations and their articulation with scientific knowledge and Science. As an object of analysis, Nadia Regina investigates the perception of 9th grade math teachers in public and private schools.  
At the book launch, the author will give a talk on the subject.
The event will take place on 25/10/2017, at 8pm, in the Tercio Pacitti Auditorium at CCET/Unirio, Av. Pasteur, 458, Urca, Rio de Janeiro.  
Aware of this issue, the ELAS Fund launched the ELAS in the Exact Sciences program in 2015, in partnership with the Unibanco Institute and the Carlos Chagas Foundation. Find out more about ELAS in the Exact Sciences here and stay tuned: we will soon be launching the new ELAS in the Exact Sciences call for proposals.