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On March 4, Casa Julieta de Serpa, in Rio de Janeiro, welcomed around 100 women to a charity tea held in partnership with ELAS. The event celebrated International Women's Day and also the launch of the Women Investing in Women Donor Circle, a pioneering initiative that proposes that women with more resources give opportunities to others.

In addition to the traditional tea at the House and many moments of conversation, the event featured a presentation by Angela Fontes, coordinator of UNIFEM's Interagency Program for the Promotion of Gender, Race and Ethnic Equality, who highlighted the importance of investing socially in women as a way of generating change in society.

Another highlight of the event was the testimony of Elza Santiago, from the Morro da Coroa Embroiderers Group, who commented on how the support provided by ELAS had changed the group's history. "The Fund's support helped change my story and the story of other women in my community. Sometimes we have no idea how a small opportunity can change our lives," she commented.

Among those attending the tea, a group of twenty female employees from PETROS (Petrobras' Supplementary Pension Fund) stood out. The invitations were raffled off as a company prize to commemorate International Women's Day. In May, the Women Investing in Women donor circle is scheduled to reach the cities of São Paulo and Brasília.