The fourth edition of Jornal de Borda will be launched at the Tijuana Fair, which takes place on May 6 and 7 at Parque Lage (Rua Jardim Botânico, 414) in Rio de Janeiro. Madalena Guilhon, journalist, co-founder and advisor to the ELAS Fund, collaborated as one of the authors of the publication, with a text about how feminism came into her life.
Jornal de Borda is an annual art publication with a circulation of 5,000 copies in tabloid format. Conceived by Fernanda Grigolin, a partner of the ELAS Fund, with graphic design by Lila Botter, the newspaper includes the participation of artists, curators and researchers.
Each edition revolves around a theme: the first was about the act of editing, the second dealt with the circulation of art, the third discussed feminism, queer theory and Afrocentrality and the fourth dialogued about archives, memory and power. 
In the fourth edition, Jornal da Borda begins to bring out facsimile editions of historical publications: the first version will be from the Brazilian anarchist newspaper A Plebe. 
In addition to Madalena Guilhon, the following are taking part in this edition: Eduardo Augusto Costa, Elisa Lemus, Fausto Gracia, Iara Lis Schiavinatto, Fabiana Bruno, Juan Carlos Romero with María Esther Galera, Karlla Girotto with André Penteado, Letícia Cobra Lima, Lívia Aquino, Liz Melendez López, Luchadoras, Maíra Endo with Paola Fabres, Nathanael Araújo, Omar Khouri, Raquel Stolf, Talita Trizoli, Thais Gouveia, Thiago R, Vânia Medeiros, Mônica Santana, Daniel Guerra and Yuly Marty.
After Rio de Janeiro, there will also be launches in São Paulo (June 17 at Casa Plana), Belo Horizonte (June 24 at Banca), Campinas (June 28 at Unicamp and June 30 at Torta) and Florianópolis (at the International Seminar on Making Gender, in July).
You can download the pdf versions or buy printed copies here. Follow the news from Jornal de Borda here.