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On the contrary, it innovated! Coronavirus has exposed Brazil's alarming social inequality and made women's plight clear! And they haven't stopped either! The difficult situation of women's groups and organizations has set off several alarm bells! Despite women's determination to fight COVID, their organizations have been terribly affected. We innovated, as the moment demanded. We understood that in addition to urgent humanitarian aid, what women's groups need is not to stop their activities. That they are not forced to close their organizations. We launched the ELAS Program in the Emergency of the Future.

The ELAS Program in the Emergency of the Future, which aims to enable a sustainable path for women's organizations throughout Brazil, will be the focus of ELAS' work during 2021. We have already started mobilizing resources to launch the call for proposals, which will have two lines of support:

1- Entrepreneurship

Organizations need to find ways to generate income and business to ensure their sustainability. Priority for ventures with an economic and social impact on the locality. Creativity and financial resilience, with updated production, communication and sales tools in the face of a pandemic.

2- Public policies

Investing in new public policies, but also in rescuing policies that were won with a lot of struggle by women and are now disappearing. Rebuilding the atmosphere of rights damaged by the pandemic. Collective mobilization to demand that the affected infrastructure in health and violence protection be restored, at all three levels: municipal, state and federal. Encouraging the creation of new public policies to deal with the crisis and its consequences.

We generate social impact and transformation by supporting women who live, know and can act in their localities directly. We know the reality because we were born out of the social and cultural movements and we have always listened to women and their challenges through the Dialogues we hold. We also invest in research, such as the one we will be launching this year, which is also a news item in this Newsletter. We trust that the new future will be born from the hands of women and we count on our various partners for the success of the ELAS Program in the Emergence of the Future. Believing in women is a paradigm shift! And if you think of them, believe in them, think ELAS! Come and partner with us in our vision: Giving for change.