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Keep an eye out for calls for proposals and the prizes that are up for grabs this year:

Award for scripts about women

Applications are now open for Cabíria, an award for feature film scripts with female protagonists. The aim is to encourage screenwriters to create more relevant and complex female protagonists; to be a "seal of quality" that helps the chosen screenplay find funding; and to give more opportunities to female screenwriters. Entries can be made until January 8, 2016:

British Council's Newton Fund

The Newton Fund's Institutional Skills program aims to support projects related to the training, capacity building and/or community engagement of employees and/or collaborators of Brazilian institutions working in areas such as: agriculture, social sciences for economic development, climate and environment, inclusive economy - including women's empowerment, solidarity economy, fostering entrepreneurship, creative and cultural economy, etc. The proposal must include a partnership with at least one organization (or specialist) in the UK. Applications until January 20th:

Brazil Human Rights Fund

The Brazil Human Rights Fund, a partner of the ELAS Fund, will donate more than R$1 million in 2016 to projects across the country, through two calls for proposals calls for proposals. The annual Call for Proposals to Combat Institutional Violence and Discrimination will donate up to R$800,000 to projects that tackle human rights violations promoted by official institutions, their delegations and/or companies. The call for proposals Together against the violence that kills Brazilian youth will donate R$560,000 to projects that focus on youth in the fight against violence. Proposals will be received until February 26, 2016:

Rio Institute

The Rio Institute, a partner of the ELAS Fund, is accepting applications for its annual call for proposals to support socio-cultural projects in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro until January 25, 2016. R$264,000 will be donated to support a total of 12 projects with R$22,000 for each institution/collective selected, which must be carried out within one year:

XXI ELAS Fund Project Competition 

The new call for proposals from the Speak Without Fear Fund, a partnership between the ELAS Fund and the Avon Institute, is open until January 20. It's the 21st ELAS Fund Project Competition, which will support 30 projects aimed at combating domestic violence. Civil society organizations, informal or mixed women's groups and women's student groups can participate. Download the notice: