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Chef Paola Carosella, a partner of the ELAS Fund, held a gastronomy course for 23 transvestites, trans women and trans men in São Paulo in November. The course included subjects on basic work skills in a restaurant kitchen, as well as a poetry workshop with poet, actress and journalist Elisa Lucinda and actress and director Geovana Pires to develop the group's interpersonal communication and self-confidence.

After a video with images from the course was published on the Labor Prosecutor's Office's social networks, she wrote last Monday, December 11: "And the one who learned the most out of everyone was me. Thank you". 
The action is part of the Trans Employability Project, which aims to speed up and give greater consistency to the process of professional development and employability of trans people. It is a strategy to encourage the trans and transvestite population to enter the formal job market, since many of them find it difficult to do so due to prejudice. 
The course is part of an initiative by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Public Prosecutor's Office, which involves Txai Consultoria e Educação, the office of chef Paola Carosella and Benny Goldenberg, the ELAS Fund, as well as other organizations that are working together or will work together during the course of the actions.
The course is one of the affirmative actions related to the initiative, as well as the new call for proposals to support Leadership for lesbian, bisexual and trans people that the ELAS Fund is launching on December 20.
Check out the video: