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Anyone can support the women's cause at no cost, thanks to the new partnership between the ELAS Fund and Welight!

Welight is a social startup with the aim of accelerating positive change on the planet, offering the best of technology so that everyone can make an impact and do good. 
It works like this: just install the app on your computer (it's free and takes no more than 3 clicks and 30 seconds), and every time you store online at one of the integrated stores, up to 15% of the total amount will be transferred to the organization you choose to support, at no extra cost to the person, who can also win exclusive discount coupons.
At the time of purchase, you choose which organization you want to support. 
But where does this donation come from if there is no cost to you? The store pays Welight a commission for the sale, through platforms called affiliate networks, which help stores reach more people through third-party sites.
Access and donate free of charge:
Jesus Luz already participates and has donated to the ELAS Fund: