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These ventures are part of the "Elas em Movimento" (They on the Move) project, which enabled women from these communities to start building a business together which, in the end, became a reality and changed their lives and that of the community. The initiative is an action by Chevron, the fifth largest energy company in the world, through the ELAS Social Investment Fund.

The aim of the workshop is to integrate the groups and exchange experiences. The work with the entrepreneurs was carried out through workshops given by psychologists Maria Lucia da Silva and Maria Cristina Francisco over four days in a guesthouse in the city of Teresópolis. The focus was on personal development and empowerment through debates and work.
Project manager Kaká Verdade said that the moment that most caught her attention was the speech by one of our advisors, Suzi Niv, who warned the members of each group about the need to invest their efforts in their businesses day after day.
The entrepreneurs were able to enjoy some leisure time. The most relaxing moment was the self make-up course offered by partner company O Boticário, which promptly sent a specialized team for the course.
"Elas em Movimento is much more than just a project, it's a form of investment that can be replicated by Chevron in other countries," said Lia Blower, Communications and Institutional Relations Manager at Chevron Brasil Petróleo.