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The ELAS Fund is pleased to announce that we have received many proposals from Brazilian groups and organizations to compete for support from the Speak Without Fear Fund to end domestic violence. More than 600 projects were received, far more than we received last year, so the deadline for announcing the results will be March 5, 2016.


In the meantime, get to know some of the organizations already supported by the Speak Out Without Fear Fund: check out the catalog with testimonials from beneficiaries of the projects supported in the 19th Project Competition here.


About the Speak Without Fear Fund

The result of a partnership between the Avon Institute and the ELAS Social Investment Fund, the Speak Without Fear Fund supports actions by civil society groups and organizations that promote the fight against violence against women. The strategic partnership for the cause brings together the experience with women's organizations that has characterized the work of the ELAS Fund for 15 years and the Avon Institute's strength of action and fundraising, through the global campaign Speak Without Fear - No to Domestic Violence, which has directed important resources to the cause in recent years.


The Speak Without Fear Fund has already supported 42 projects and has been strengthened by the results achieved by grantees. In December 2015, the Avon Institute and the ELAS Fund launched the third call for proposals for the Speak Without Fear Fund. The competition, which will be the 21st held by the ELAS Fund, will select 30 more projects throughout Brazil.