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The ELAS Fund has many reasons to celebrate 2015. The only social investment fund aimed at girls, young women and women turned 15, reinforcing its mission to promote and strengthen Leadership women by mobilizing and investing resources in its initiatives.
ELAS closed its 17th and 19th competitions with expressive and surprising results. Developed in partnership with Themis - Assessoria Jurídica e Estudos de Gênero, the 17th Project Competition institutionally strengthened the National Federation of Domestic Workers (FENATRAD) and 8 other domestic workers' unions and associations, as well as mobilizing and securing political support for domestic workers' rights. This coordination of workers culminated in the approval and regulation of the Domestic Workers' PEC (150/2015), an achievement that benefits more than 7 million workers across the country.
The XIX ELAS Fund Competition, a new call for proposals from the Speak Without Fear Fund, a partnership between ELAS and the Avon Institute, also ended in 2015, reaching more than 21,000 beneficiaries from 77 Brazilian municipalities, including young and adult women, black women, women from terreiro communities, farmers, lesbians and quilombolas. 31 projects were supported which developed creative and innovative strategies in the fight against violence against women: family farming, arts (dance, music, theater), communication (community radio, TV programs, videos), sports, etc.
We also support 7 more groups through the Program to Combat Violence against Activists. With support from the Sigrid Rausing Trust, the program has supported 16 projects across the country since 2014. 
We also made progress with the Sexual Autonomy Program: Sexual and Reproductive Rights Fund, which we have been running since 2009. The program is supported by the OAK Foundation and in 2015 we supported 5 projects. 
Innovations and new partnerships
In 2015, the ELAS Fund innovated and launched its 20th Project Competition in partnership with the Unibanco Institute and the Carlos Chagas Foundation. The Elas nas Exatas competition selected 10 projects that will be carried out in public schools and focus on reducing the impact of gender inequalities on career choices, encouraging high school students to pursue careers in the exact sciences and technologies.
We also launched our 21st Project Competition, strengthening our partnership with the Avon Institute: the Speak Without Fear Fund. The 3rd Call for Proposals of the Speak Without Fear Fund will support 30 more projects aimed at combating violence against women, with an investment of more than R$3 million. We will support civil society organizations, informal or mixed women's groups and women's student groups, which have been growing a lot in schools and universities across the country.
In partnership with the Brazil Human Rights Fund, the