Saborearte, a meals business in Jardim Batan (RJ), arrived in the community this November after six months of planning, training and a lot of effort to make a joint dream come true. The launch is part of the "Elas em Movimento" program, which is enabling women from Jardim Batan, Cidade de Deus and Borel to start building a business together. The initiative is a Chevron action through the ELAS Social Investment Fund. The total investment in the three communities is R$ 425 thousand.

 "One of the main values within the company's philosophy is to ensure the development of the communities where we operate. In Brazil, where almost 30% of families are headed by women, concentrating investments on this audience was our natural choice," says Lia Blower, Chevron's communications manager. 
The inauguration was marked by a lot of emotion from the seven partners, as well as the first feijoada from the Saborearte kitchen. "With the launch of this business, I feel like a different woman, stronger and much more aware of my role in transforming my reality and the lives of everyone around me," says Jaqueline Tiago, now head chef at Saborearte.
The program begins with the application of "Dialogues for the improvement of living conditions", developed by Rebouças&Associados, which lasts two days and aims to stimulate the women's Leadership and allow them to talk about their dreams. Once their entrepreneurial role has been awakened, they undergo more than 100 hours of training, including: women's human rights, conflict resolution, how to deal with money, how to develop partnerships, entrepreneurship, business formation, communication and marketing.
During the training sessions, the women draw up a business plan that will enable them to meet a demand in the community and also generate income for their members. They then receive resources to create and put their business into practice. They are also accompanied by a consultant to answer any questions they may have and observe new business opportunities.