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The Call for Proposals Building Movements 2020 will support organizations from all five regions of Brazil. The donations are for fully flexible institutional support for women's groups that are at the forefront of the defense of life and democracy.

Formal and informal groups, networks or organizations led by women and/or transgender people, which are dedicated to promoting and defending human rights and democracy and have been active for at least a year, were able to apply to the Call for Proposals Building Movements 2020.

The groups will receive donations of up to R$50,000 each. In addition to the 30 initially planned in the call for proposals, we were able to support 12 more groups, which reinforces this great alliance for women's rights. In addition, 9 more groups are being integrated into the Program Building Movements, bringing the total to 51. In total, there will be more than R$2.7 million in direct donations.

We celebrate the entry of new groups and continue to look for more partners so that many more women's groups/organizations can continue to transform the world for all of us.

The Building Movements 2020 Call for Proposals is organized by ELAS in partnership with the Ford Foundation, MAC Aids Fund, MADRE, British Council, UN Women, Global Fund for Women, Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos De La Mujer (Fondo Semillas), ITAÚ Unibanco, Instituto Unibanco, OAK Foundation and individual donors. The Global Resilience Fund for Girls and Young Women has also joined the program Building Movements.

Check out grantees here.