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How can we increase support for trans people? How can we rethink our daily attitudes and language, because many expressions we use without question are loaded with prejudice?

This concern is not new. Since its foundation, ELAS has supported and sought to expand resources for the LBT (lesbian, bisexual and trans) population. In 2008, we created a program with women's funds in Latin America to support LGBT people. On that occasion, ELAS made the first donation to an LGBTQ Forum led by and focused on trans people.

Building Movements, our largest program, is now in its fourth edition, always prioritizing support for groups and organizations led by LBT (lesbian, bisexual and trans) people, black women and indigenous people.

Now in 2020, with the series of workshops on trans identities, ELAS has invested in building the capacity of the team, strengthening trans issues in the organization. And more! Board and staff were able to reflect together on this unavoidable challenge. We invited trans leaders to talk about how to intensify the trans agenda within ELAS in all our activities.

There were two training sessions with the team, and then the team and the Council came together for another workshop so that the Council knew what it was going to support in order to guarantee good governance.

And may 2021 come with many more such enriching exchanges!