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April marked the annual meeting of the Urgent Action Fund Board in Rio de Janeiro. The main theme of the meeting was the establishment of a headquarters of the organization in South America, as it happened in Africa. Follow below the interview with Eleanor Douglas, advisor to the organization.

What motivated the creation of an Urgent Action Fund office in Latin America?
We have three important reasons for creating the office. The first is to be closer to activists and also to improve our capacity to be together with Latin American women. The second is a trend to get more funding for organizations in the South. And the third is to make it easier to operate with less bureaucracy.

And what are the plans for the Latin American office?
We are currently selecting the country that will host the office. There is a big trend for us to be located in Bogota, Colombia. The next step is to form a board that includes women with diverse backgrounds, such as indigenous, Afro-descendants and lesbians. We hope to be up and running in a year at most.