Building Movements 2022

Application June, 8th-29th


Building Movements 2022 reaffirms trust in women and trans people

ELAS+ releases its Call for Proposal Building Movements 2022: strengthening solidarity and trust.

Its purpose is to invest in social initiatives and solutions developed and led by women and trans people who fight every day for social justice, environmental justice, democracy, gender equality, and the right to life and happiness.

With so many challenges, it is time to reinforce our solidarity and trust in women and trans people’s groups.

A pioneering study conducted by ELAS+, Activism and Pandemic in Brazil (2021), revealed that the organizations were fast, creative, and resilient in dealing with the challenges imposed by the pandemic because they were able to count on a flexible support. For this reason, the sixth edition of Building Movements is offering flexible support so that women and trans people’s groups can continue promoting the transformations necessary to the search for social and environmental justice.

Since the first edition, the program has already supported 244 initiatives in the 5 regions of Brazil, adding up to a total of more than R$11 million invested in social solutions developed by women. The Call for Proposal Building Movements is a consolidation of a broad alliance for the defense of human rights, democracy, and environmental justice.

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