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KK Verdade, executive coordinator of the ELAS Fund, is in Brasilia for the 10th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Public Security Forum, which takes place on September 21, 22 and 23, 2016 at the Foundation for Scientific and Technological Enterprises - FINATEC at the University of Brasilia. The meeting is co-hosted by the Avon Institute, a partner of the ELAS Fund in the Speak Without Fear Fund.

"Violence against women, Access to Justice and the Role of Police Institutions" is the main theme of the event, which brings together researchers, representatives of organized civil society and the private sector, police officers and members of the criminal justice system to debate violence against women in its most diverse forms - domestic, sexual, psychological, among others.
The aim of the meeting is to qualify the debate on violence against women by presenting diagnoses, intervention strategies and proposals for investigation, prevention and repression based on dialog between different segments.
Maria da Penha was one of the speakers and took a stand against the bills going through Congress proposing changes to the law that combats domestic violence: "We know that they are trying to change it, even to give the police the power to decide on a protective measure, which could be challenged on its constitutionality," she said. "It's not in our interest to change the law, which doesn't work properly due to a lack of commitment from public managers. Let's first create the conditions," he added, pointing out that the assistance mechanisms provided for in the law have yet to be effectively implemented in most Brazilian cities.
Bill 7/2016, authored by deputy Sérgio Vidigal (PDT-ES), foresees that the prerogative of granting protective measures, which is currently reserved for judges, will also be extended to deputies. The bill is still under consideration by the House of Representatives.