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Building Movements 2023

The call for proposals "Building Movements - for solidarity, justice and democracy" registered an all-time record number of applications. There were 1,687 completed forms - a 94% increase compared to the number of organizations registered in 2022.

In this seventh edition, 72 organizations of women cis, trans and other transidentities were selected to receive up to R$50,000 each. In total, there are R$3.2 million in flexible resources for institutional strengthening. Check out the results!

Building Movements 2022

The call for proposals "Building Movements 2022: strengthening solidarity and trust" selected 134 groups led by cis, trans and other trans-identity women who fight daily for social justice, environmental justice, democracy, gender equity, the right to life and happiness.

With extra resources, it was possible to contemplate more organizations than initially planned: there are about R$ 8 million in flexible resources that can be used to strengthen institutions.

Empodera - Fashion Transforming Lives

The Empodera call for proposals is a partnership between ELAS+ and the Lojas Renner Institute and UN Women. In the 2022 edition, 21 groups were selected that work to transform the lives of women and transgender people through fair, inclusive and responsible fashion projects.

The organizations work with fashion in a broad sense, such as plus size, non-binary fashion, affirmation of identities and access to fashion for people with disabilities. The support totals R$ 1.5 million and will be allocated to direct donations to the groups.


Black Women Alliance For an End to Violence

The Public Notice Black Women Alliance Pelo Fim da Violência selected 16 civil society organizations that will receive a direct contribution of R$ 365 thousand to develop their projects.

The objective is to strengthen actions to combat racial violence, with a focus on combating the genocide of the black population and violence against black women and black trans people, in addition to strengthening anti-racial violence communication.


Filantropia feminista – uma genealogia do ativismo de mulheres

by | fev 5, 2024 | Artigos,Notícias | 0 Comments

Mandala ilustrativa da Teoria da Mudança do ELAS+ por Amalia Fischer* A multiplicidade de mulheres que existem no planeta tem sido parte central de diversos processos...

Maioria das organizacões lideradas por mulheres está em atuação no Nordeste

by | fev 2, 2024 | Notícias | 0 Comments

  Pesquisa inédita do ELAS+ Doar para Transformar revela inversão histórica ao constatar que Sudeste não é mais a região com maior número de grupos de ativismo...

Online Dialogue - Care Economy and Black Women Alliance

by | out 20, 2023 | Notícias | 0 Comments

Between October 9 and 10, ELAS+ Giving for change carried out an unprecedented action and brought together two Programs in the 'Online Dialogue - Economy of Care and Alliance...

GAGGA: Second call selects four new groups

by | set 22, 2023 | Notícias | 0 Comments

Faced with the emergence of climate issues, ELAS+ Giving for change maintains its position and continues to believe that women are a fundamental part of...

Brazilian funds participate in international meeting to discuss climate and gender justice

by | set 20, 2023 | Notícias | 0 Comments

The year 2023 is heading towards being the hottest year ever recorded in history. In that year, the attacks against indigenous people, quilombolas, the black population, and...

Culture of donation gains strength in Brazil after the pandemic

by | set 20, 2023 | Notícias | 0 Comments

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the culture of donation is gaining more and more relevance in Brazil. In 2020, 66% of Brazilians said they had made some kind of...

III Indigenous Women's March forwards agreements on public policies and deliberates on the goal of increasing female representation in political positions

by | set 14, 2023 | Notícias | 0 Comments

After three days of debates, meetings and articulations, the III Indigenous Women's March, which had the institutional and financial support of ELAS+, brought about 7...

III Indigenous Women's March opens space for building sisterhood between racial feminist struggles

by | set 13, 2023 | Notícias | 0 Comments

The importance of environmental preservation, guaranteeing rights, combating gender violence and sisterhood between indigenous and black women in the fight for a...

International meeting and occupation of the National Congress mark the first day of the III Indigenous Women's March

by | set 11, 2023 | Notícias | 0 Comments

The third edition of the Indigenous Women's March began this Monday under blue skies in the federal capital. Held in Brasilia, this year's event...

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