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uniqueness, subjectivity and multiplicity

Collaborative path to transformation

ELAS+ Giving for change seeks financial resources to, through Grantmaking and participatory, promote and strengthen organizations of women and trans people. Trust in Leadership of these organizations and transparency guarantee the success of the actions. Our methodologies mobilize resources and carry out dialogues to harvest the dreams and solutions proposed by these women and trans people, so that they can transform their daily lives in communities, territories, neighborhoods, cities, the environment and the country.

Theory of Change

We have a systemic vision of social transformation. Resources are key to enable women and trans people to take action with their projects for social justice, rights, entrepreneurship, always preventing violence from destroying their development. The inspiration of the theory of change of ELAS+ Giving for change is a rhizome, more particularly the ginger.

See why ginger was an inspiration for ELAS+ to build its theory of change

Ginger multiplies through itself, it is reborn from what it once was. It grows and is reborn far from our eyes, underground. It grows horizontally and multiplies into other ginger. Vertically it offers leaves and flowers.

Likewise, the power of women is multiplied by other powerful women and transgender people. This diversity blends knowledge: a long-term systemic vision, strategic planning that includes a communication plan with all stakeholders, a fundraising plan, governance and a prepared and motivated team. Thus, strategic planning comes to life, generating collective impact.

It is the Theory of Change that illuminates the path of ELAS+ Giving for change at every step: mobilization of resources, dialogues, construction of calls for proposals, follow-up of grantees and monitoring of impacts. We believe that this is how collective change can be promoted.

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Resource mobilization

ELAS+ mobilizes resources and gains power with national and international partners, the symbolic soil that offers nutrients to be distributed through calls for proposals. Over the years, the cause of ELAS+ has gained importance for funds and organizations in Brazil and worldwide, in addition to sharpening the interest of companies in investing in diversity: against structural racism and LBTIphobia. We have advanced in resource mobilization and have also reached individual donors.

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Dialogues, attentive and deep listening

ELAS+ holds Dialogues with the leaders of the supported organizations. These are spaces for harvesting and planting new seeds. The needs and dreams of these diverse women from all regions of Brazil are heard in depth before the calls for proposals are created. Then, in another listening opportunity, the collective impacts can be measured and the construction of networks can be promoted.

See more about how ELAS+ works and its social technology:

The methodology, recognized by the various partners who support us, is one of the organization's differentials and is responsible for the success of the work. Each project is regularly monitored by the Program Area of ELAS+, responsible for maintaining constant communication with the groups. Interviews are conducted, by phone and online, and face-to-face visits. Our team also participates in the activities proposed within the framework of the projects, which are monitored through narrative and financial reports.

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calls for proposals and Project selection

The calls for proposals are prepared with a focus on the specific themes raised by the leaders during the Dialogues. Innovative projects of organizations, formal and informal, led by women and LBTIs in the most diverse areas of action are selected: actions against domestic violence, achievement of rights, fight against racism and LGBTphobia, care economy, defense of territories, encouraging the insertion of young people in the exact sciences, sport, fashion, financial autonomy, climate justice or even a call for proposals with flexible resources.

See more about calls for proposals from ELAS+:

The selection of projects is carried out by a committee made up of members of the ELAS+ Board and experts on the subject, based on the following criteria: innovation, impact, relevance of the action methodology, adequacy of the application of resources, technical feasibility, breadth and quality of participation, territorial distribution and less access to resources. Through calls for proposals, new opportunities are generated, skills are developed and organizations are institutionally strengthened to implement their solutions for social transformation.

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Groups served

We support women and trans people, in all their diversity and multiplicity, who live and therefore can act in their localities. ELAS+ Giving for change knows this reality because we were born from social and cultural movements, and we always listen to women and the challenges they face. The groups and initiatives we support are made up of black women, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, indigenous people, quilombolas, domestic workers, women with disabilities, young people, mothers, entrepreneurs, women from the city, the countryside, the forests and many others working for social justice in all regions of Brazil.

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Publications of the ELAS+ 

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Social profit and collective impact

The social technology of ELAS+, in addition to capillarizing resources through eaitais, helps develop skills to strengthen organizations. The initiatives transform the entire locality and, as a network, continue to sow change throughout Brazil. The social profit generated by them is not measured in coins, but by the collective impact of the transformation. Investments help build powerful movements for social transformation.

See more about the recognized methodology of ELAS+:

The methodology of the ELAS+ meetings is recognized and proven as a good practice to increase the results and impact of projects. The Dialogues allow the groups to get closer, to know the supported initiatives, which favors joint strategies and networks. Many new skills are created and through them, other women are impacted, generating benefits for the communities in which they are inserted.

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*Illustrations by Joana Lira born in Recife, graduated in graphic design in 1997 has free transit between design and visual arts, language that derives from art and cultural expression. She develops visual identities, object lines and signed prints, among other projects, always seeking a design of involvement, capable of adding cultural, historical and sentimental value to form and utility. Instagram @joanalira