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Citizen Donation

ELAS+ Giving for change is active in the search for a culture of giving, a new philanthropy - that of social justice - directed towards the human, civil and socio-environmental rights that have been consolidating in Brazil. We are talking about a culture of giving that is not guided by charity, but by the desire for social transformation. Donate beyond compassion, by recognizing that everyone should have their rights!

To be part of this chain of social transformation, supporting ELAS+ and the initiatives of women and trans people, you can make a deposit in the organization's account:



Banco Ita├║
Agency 9161
Current account 10569-8



We also offer the option to donate online using a credit card:


Giving for changeto advance rights and equity.

If you want to know more about our work, we can arrange a visit. Get in touch and schedule a meeting:



ELAS+ also participates in networks of partners that work to expand and strengthen the culture of giving in Brazil, an ecosystem of philanthropy for social justice. Learn more about the culture of giving: