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Vanessa Lucena, development manager of the ELAS Fund, and Angela Donini, our board member, are taking part this Tuesday, September 13, in the III ESPM Brazil Cycle: Multiple Identities, held by ESPM's Center for Advanced Studies. 

The event will include the Brazil (Tele)Ficções panels, on the roles of soap operas and other telefictional narratives in disseminating visions of the country, and the Brazil Gêneros panel, which will discuss the relationship between the presence of women in society and the media and Brazilian identity.
The speakers on the first panel are Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes (PPGCOM ECA-USP), Antonio Hélio Junqueira (PGCOM ESPM/USP), Virginia Albuquerque Patrocínio Alves (PPGCOM ESPM), Julio Cesar Fernandes (TV Globo), Pedro Curi (Escola de Séries / ESPM-RJ), Marçal Aquino and Fernando Bonassi (Rede Globo writers and scriptwriters).
In the Brazil Genders panel, Natália Ledur Alles (journalist/Unisinos) talks about "The visibility of women prostitutes in communication spaces", Thaís Fabris (Coletivo 65/10) about "The new roles of women and the stereotypes that advertising cannot reinforce" and Julia Campos (Coletivo Coralina ESPM) talks about the experience of a feminist and LGBT+ university collective.
Vanessa Lucena is representing the ELAS Fund, addressing the importance of investing in the communication of the women's movement, alongside our board member Angela Donini, a professor at UNIRIO, who will give a talk on "Processes of subjectivation based on Latin American feminist knowledge and experiences".
The event will take place at the MASP Small Auditorium in São Paulo, is free of charge and registration can be made on the MASP website